Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone

Learn here how to bypass icloud activation lock on your  iPhone or iPad. This is the best official service where you can easily do it for free. All you need is to download the software on your computer, and then unzip and install. In this post we will show how to use this software step by step. Many people have this problem, if you buy an iPhone from the street or from an online store there a chance iPhone to be lost or stolen. And iCloud activation е activated, and you do not know the passcode. In this case you will not be able to use the services of your iPhone. Therefore we offer a solution how to do this and to solve this problem. Below will explain how to bypass icloud activation of the easiest way.


How To Bypass iCloud Activation IOS 7

Download the file on the download button, and then extract the zip file to your computer. This is for free.

iCloud activation tool

When will download this service is need to make some steps.

Step 1. Instal the latest version on iTunes on your PC.                                                     Step 2. Put your Device in DFU mode, when will up the new susteam is need to start the Removal iCloud Activation Tool.                                                                                         Step 3. Now click on Start button to process the bypass iCloud process.                                                                                                                                                                         Step 4. When will be complete this process will restore auto your iPhone.                                                                                                                                                                        Step 5. When will restart your iPhone, is need to set your new device and the activation will be remmove from your iPhone.

The Activation is removed now from your iPhone and this is permanet solutions. I hope help you to make helpful your iPhone for you.

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